At Fastlane Cabs we do things differently to the rest of the industry and take care of drivers who choose to work with us and provide the service.

Fastlane Cabs driver service is unlike other companies. We offer great rates, fair commission charges and some of the most competitive car rental rates in the industry.

Ready for your journey with Fastlane Cabs? Sign up and enjoy access to Nottingham’s premier Taxi company.

Why join us?


  • Enhance your earnings with access to Nottingham’s largest quality customer base.
  • Positive feedback and job completion can lead to enhanced payments.


  • Rent a car from us for just £180 a week – the lowest car rental rate on the market.
  • Drive a vehicle that we maintain.


  • There are opportunities to boost your earning potential with our training and qualifications.
  • Improve your service and business skills too.


  • Need Help? 24/7 assistance from our expert driver support and control team at HQ.
  • Work smarter and get better fares with our cutting-edge driver technology.