Benefits of Fastlane Cabs

Hackney carriages or Green cabs are public transport vehicles which are licensed to “ply for hire”. They can:

  • carry passengers for hire or reward
  • be hailed by prospective passengers in the street
  • park on a rank to await the approach of passengers

A hackney carriage must be driven by a driver who holds a hackney carriage driver’s licence.

Hackney carriage vehicles can be found at the ranks around the city and they can be hailed in the street.


These vehicles have a roof light with the word TAXI on them. They have a plate affixed to the rear and a smaller version affixed to the windscreen which carry details of the expiry date, licence number and vehicle registration.

What are benefits of using a Hackney carriage over a ‘mini-cab’:

  • Advertising (which a private hire firm cannot legally do)
  • Safety of passengers
  • Green cabs are allowed to go anywhere in the city and drive in bus lanes
  • Extra leg room
  • All of our cabs are 5/6 seater at no extra cost
  • All of our cabs are wheelchair friendly
  • Our prices are set by Nottingham City Council
  • Up to 10% discount for account customers
  • Fixed rate prices can be negotiated